2005 News ...

2004 News

Dec 18, 2005... Happy Holidays..

During this period of happyness, Team Bergeron wish to all of you Happy Holidays.

Have a safe Merry Christmas.

Dec 10, 2005 .... Ticket for Team Bergeron party...

2005 season is now dehind us but Team Bergeron already started working on 2006 season. As previous years, the annual party will be held at the Domaine de l'Érable, Sainte-Rosalie QC
Saturday Februray 18, 2006. $20 per ticket
To purchase your tickets, contact:
Alain Bergeron @ 450-772-2889
Hugo St-Germain (St-Hyacinthe) @ 450-778-2257
Alain Forcier (Drummondville) @ 819-397-5179

Directions for Le Domaine de l'Erable

Nov 20, 2005 .... New pictures and small videos...

Section Multimedia.

Nov 19, 2005 .... Pictures from Syracuse ESS Banquet...

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Nov 13, 2005 .... A lot of honors for Alain Bergeron...

Yesterday evening, at Syracuse NY, was the ‘Empire Super Sprints’ annual banquet for the drivers of the series. Alain Bergeron got his share of honors as in was among the very selected group of the top 5 drivers in the series standing. Saint-Pie QC driver also won the ‘Gater Racing News Lap Leader Award’ because he was the one who leds the most laps during the 2005 season.

Bergeron finished also third in the ‘Spectro Oil Canadian Challenge’ points standing. Alain Bergeron was also the third driver with the most wins with two during the season. The first win came at the second race of the season at Albany-Saratoga Speedway at Mala NY. Alain Bergeron - Banquet ESS

The second win was a very spectacular and emotional one at Drummondville in July. At his previous visit at Drummondville, Bergeron did a wild ride, his Sprint Car flipping several times and ending up the other side of the fence of the track land.

Season 2005 was a pretty good year for Team Bergeron as Alain Bergeron was all year long a contender for the series Championship. One of the reason was the support from the team sponsors and all the fans.

More photos at the Multimedia section.

Nov 7, 2005 .... ESS Banquet this weekend...

It is Saturday evening at Syracuse NY that the drivers of the 'Empire Super Sprints' series will meet for the annual Banquet. Several prices and honors will be given and Alain Bergeron and all his team will be present for the occasion. Let us recall that Alain Bergeron finished fifth in the general series standing. Third in the 'Canadian Challenge' and first in the 'Gater Racing News Lap Award Leader '. < br>
The drivers will also use that occasion to attend the annual teams meeting.

Oct 23, 2005 .... 10th at Brockville...

Alain Bergeron was last night, Saturday, at Brockville Ontario Speedway for the 'Beast of the East'. This race was part of the 'Patriot Sprint Group' series.

Being one of the faster ones on the track during the practices sessions, the draw determined that Alain Bergeron had to start dead last in heat. The race went well and the Saint-Pie's driver qualified itself for the final race while finishing in fourth position.

Twelfth on the starting grid for the A-Main race, Bergeron already was in fourth place. Unfortunately at a restart, attempting a passing from the exterior of the track, the car went out of the 'groove' and the time to return on the track, Bergeron met himself in last place. Alain Bergeron, than, climbed back to finish the race in tenth place.

Oct 19, 2005 .... Next race at Brockville ON...

Alain Bergeron will be racing this Saturday at Brockville Ontario Speedway, ON. with the Patriot Sprint Group.

Oct 9, 2005 .... Rain out at Rolling Wheels NY...

The race that was scheduled for yesterday (Saturday) at Rolling Wheels Raceway at Elbridge NY had been cancelled due to rain. The 'Empire Super Sprints' season is now completed.

As for Alain Bergeron, the season is not completely completed because he should be at Brockville ON in two weeks, October 22nd, for the final race of the 'Patriot Sprint Group' series.

Oct 1, 2005 .... Next race will be next Saturday at Rolling Wheels NY...

The next race, that will also be, the last race of the season of the 'Empire Super Sprints' series will be the 'ESS/URC/PSG Challenge' at Rolling Wheels Raceway in NY state.

Alain Bergeron and his team will be there. That race is part of the Syracuse Super Dirt Week and drivers from ESS, URC and Patriot Sprints Group will try to qualify for the A-Main. More than 60 Sprints should be there, so there will be a lot of competition. While the heats starting positions at the challenge races at Black Rock Speedway and Ohsweken Speewday were determined by Time Trials, those positions will be determined by a draw, so the luck is a factor. At Black Rock, Alain Bergeron recorded the 8th fastest time and at Ohsweken, Bergeron recorded the 13th fastest time.

With the race that is a 'show points' race, it's now certain that Alain Bergeron will finish the season in fifth place in the Series points standing. Other excellent performance is the first place position for the 'Gater Racing News Lap Leader Award' and a third place in the 'Spectro Canadian Challenge'.

Sept 18, 2005 .... Alain Bergeron finished 22nd in the ' Canadian Sprint Car Nationals '...

Yesterday evening (Saturday) took place the ' Canadian Sprint Car Nationals ' at Ohsweken Speedway Niagara Falls, Ontario region. Not less than 71 Sprint Car were present trying to qualify for one of the 25 positions available for the A-Main. Just to qualify itself for this race was already a good performance.

To start the program, Alain Bergeron had to participate in the' Village Pizza Ohsweken Shootout ' race. Bergeron had qualified for this race by with his second place finish last June at Ohsweken. While he was in third position, a yellow flag happened and during the restart of the race, there was confusion and Bergeron lost positions to meet itself finally finish in seventh place at the end of the race.

Came then the times trials to determine the starting positions of the heats. As last week at Black Rock Speedway, the Saint Pie driver did well by recording the 13th time on 70 Sprints. This time gave him the third place on the starting grid of his heat. First start, the car in front of him does not take off and Alain Bergeron remains stuck behind. The officials showed the yellow flag to restart race. For that second start, Bergeron did not intend to let same situation happening and he gets ready by bewaring an angle with the front car to be able to have some little space for the start. Effectively, the start was a success and at the end, Bergeron toke away the win but the officials judged that Bergeron must had 'jumped' a position, back him 'officially' of two positions.

Anyway, Alain Bergeron was qualified for the A-Main, with a 15th place on the starting grid. Early on the race, Bergeron meets himself in twelfth position, but a problem with a anchor of the top wing affected the car handle and than another problem with the poles of the nose wing forced him to get back in the pits. His evening was done recording a 22nd place at the finish.

'I have to admit that it was not a bad weekend for us, if we take into account that with more than 71 cars and very good drivers in the field, just to qualify itself was super.' To comment Bergeron.

Alain Bergeron was one of the six representatives of the ESS series to qualify for the A-Main.

Sept 14, 2005 .... Alain Bergeron at the 'Canadian Sprint Car Nationals...

Alain Bergeron and his team will be at Ohsweken Speedway, ON for the Sprint Car Nationals that will be held saturday night...

Sept 11, 2005 .... 65 Sprints at the Bully Hill, Alain Bergeron finish twelfth in the A-Main...

Not less that 65 Sprints tried to qualify for a spot in the A-Main at Rock Black Speedway, Dundee NY, for the traditional Bully Hill. Just to qualify itself is an exploit. Alain Bergeron was one of six drivers from ESS series to qualify for the Bully Hill A-Main.

In the past years, the event was on two days, this year, a only one day with time trials to determined the starting positions for the heats races. But, the best 30 times were inverted for the starting grid in the Heats. The four first passes directly to the A-Main.

With the eighth best time on the 65 drivers, Alain Bergeron had to start fifth in his heat. He finished in fifth position, so he had to pass by the B-Main.

Starting second in 18 laps B-Main, after a bad start, Alain Bergeron managed to finish second and have his place in the A-Main. Being 22nd and at the tale on the grid, Alain Bergeron passed car by car, lap by lap, to be twelfth at the checkered. 'Despite a very dry track, the car handled very well and this is very satisfying.', to declare the driver.

Very good performance as 65 Sprint Car were there and the competition was pretty close.

Sept 6, 2005 .... 39 Sprints at Utica-Rome ...

Sunday night at Utica-Rome Speedway, Alain Bergeron was able to get out of trouble on a slick track to finish 19th and keeping the fifth place in the championship tour of the ESS. Starting 18th on the starting grid, Alain Bergeron was 15th but stayed patient to finish the race on a positive note.

The night before (Saturday) at Drummond, Bergeron got a badluck as dirt in his right rear wheel did vibrations and forced him to visit the pits without being able to get on time. He finished 16th. That was hurting a lot because starting 19th on the starting grid, he was 12th after 3 laps and 6th after 13 laps. Using top and low groove, Bergeron was the fastest on the track. 'That's part of racing and we have to live with it.', saying Bergeron.

Sept 2 2005 .... Rain out at Granby...

The race that was supposed to be held tonight at Granby had been rained out. Next race, tomorrow (Saturday) at Drummondville...

August 20, 2005 .... A fifth place for Alain Bergeron at Brockville ON...

ESS drivers and Alain Bergeron were back on track yesterday (Friday) night at Brockville ON for a regular ESS event. Starting 14th on the starting grid, Bergeron use all his talent to race upfront and finally finished fifth at the checkered.

Bergeron qualified for the A-Main with a fifth place finish in his heat race while he was seventh on the grid.

August 15, 2005 .... Despite the result on paper, it was simply a unbelievable race ...

Saturday evening (August 13th) at Black Rock Speedway, Dundee NY was presented  the 'Annual Earl Halaquist Memorial'.  More than 50 Sprint Car was presents trying to qualify for the 24 spots on the A-Main starting grid. It was already a exploit to qualify for that race.

The Saint Pie QC driver, Alain Bergeron, was present and he offered, to the fans, what a performance. The top four drivers in each heat races  passed directly in A-Main. Others had to be pass by the C-Main and B-Main for the last 4 available spot on the grid.

Alain Bergeron was starting 5th in his heat and finished 4th allowing him a spot in the A-Main. It was thus of the 17th place that Bergeron took the start of the race. At the start of the race,  Alain Bergeron lost some positions but from the third lap, he begun to move up front on a  spectacular way.  People in the stand was having a show for their money and it's a great show that Bergeron presented to the fans. Using largely the top groove of the track, Bergeron was passing two and even three cars at the time, sometimes  three and four wide on the track.  After the eighth lap, Bergeron, the fastest on the track, was in the 13th place. In the twentieth lap, Alain Bergeron was in 8th place and 6th in the 22nd lap.

But and as he got ready to pass the car in front of him, that car slowly moved towards the outside, Bergeron was not able to avoid him with  result as a front flat tire. Unfortunately, this incident terminated a very beautiful race. The team was able to repair the car but the race had already started again when Bergeron returned to track to end the race with two laps out.

It is in 16th place that Bergeron was classified at the checkered but the fans had the time to be witnesses of a performance as only great drivers can do.

To demonstrate how the competition was very strong, let us note that the holder of the second place in the ESS series championship,  Jeff VanDusen, did not qualify for the A-Main. The leader in the championship, Lance Yonge, had to pass by the B-Main race to enter A-Main.

The next race of the ESS series will be next Friday at Brockville ON. Thanks for your support

August 11, 2005 .... Black Rock Speedway this Weekend...

The action is back again this weekend for the ‘Annual Earl Halaquist Memorial’ at Black Rock Speedway, Dundee NY.

This race will regroup the 'Empire Super Sprints' and 'Patriot Sprint Group' associations, so there will be a lot of drivers who will try to qualify for the 24 spots available on the starting of the A-Main event and Alain Bergeron plans to be a part of it.

With the successes of the last weeks of the driver of Saint Pie QC, all Quebec racing fans will follow that race with great interest.

Also let us note that given the fact that this weekend, the NASCAR Nextel Cup series will be at Watkins Glen, not far from Black Rock Speedway, it is frequent to see drivers of this famous series walking in the pit area and greeting their colleagues, drivers of Sprint Car.

August 05, 2005 .... Photos of the July 30 night at Drummond...

At the Multimedia section.

Alain Bergeron - Victoire A-Main

August 04, 2005 .... Weekend off for Alain Bergeron...

It's weekend off for Alain Bergeron and the ESS drivers this weekend. After last week win at Drummond, Alain Bergeron is on the fifth place in the general standing of the series, less than 80 points to the second place.

July 31, 2005 .... Big WIN at Drummond for Alain Bergeron...

Last June, at Autodrome Drummond, Alain Bergeron had been victim of a spectacular accident during the 'Hot Laps'. His car had been completely destroyed and his team had then worked hard to build a second car, allowing Bergeron to take part of the B-Main and to qualify itself for the A-Main.

At this moment, all the fans had been witnesses of the determination, the courage and the excellence of this driver. Well yesterday evening, it was the return of the series 'Empire Super Sprints' at Drummondville and Alain Bergeron thanked, for their support and in a great way, his team and all the fans by offering to them the most beautiful gift, a Win in the A-Main.

The emotion was present and this win could not arrive at the better moment. The evening had begun well for Bergeron as he finished third in his heat. This result gave him the second place in the starting grid and from the first lap, Alain Bergeron took the lead to never lost it.

This win represents for Bergeron its seventh in career in Sprint Car with the 'Empire Super Sprints' and his second of the season.

July 30, 2005 .... Fifth place at Granby for Alain Bergeron ...

Autodrome Granby had been, at certain times, difficult for Alain Bergeron over the last years, but Bergeron came back strong with a fifth place finish in the A-Main Friday night. 11th on the starting grid, St-Pie's driver, despite engine problems, came back several times to finish fifth.

Bergeron qualified for the A-Main with a fourth place finish in his heat.

July 22, 2005 .... Weekend off for Team Bergeron...

It's off this weekend for Alain Bergeron and for the other 'Empire Super Sprints' drivers. Next races at Granby and Drummond next weekend.

July 18, 2005 .... It came close for Alain Bergeron at Cornwall...

It was so close for Alain Bergeron. What a battle between Bergeron, Cook, VanDusen and Yonge. Alain Bergeron tried everything to win but finished second behind the winner Cook. 'It was pretty close, i gave everything i can.', noted Bergeron.

July 17, 2005 .... Edelweiss and Frogtown...

After brakes problem and having to restart from the back, Alain Bergeron finished 12th at Edelweiss Speedway last Friday in the A-Main event.

The night after, at Frogtown Speedway, Adter winning his heat, Alain Bergeron finished the A-Main in the 6th place.

July 13, 2005 .... Full Weekend to come...

Three races in three nights. A big program to begin the summer holiday period.

Here is what awaits Alain Bergeron and his team this weekend. Friday evening, the drivers of the 'Empire Super Sprints' series will be at Edelweiss Speedway in the area of Gatineau QC. The following day, Saturday on July 16, everyone cross the border for the race at Frogtown Speedway in Hogansburg NY. Last year, it is in fourth position that Alain Bergeron had finished the A-Main at that track.

Sunday evening, back to Canada for the second visit of the season of the Sprint Cars at Cornwall ON. In 2000, Alain Bergeron won at this Ontario track.

Let us recall that the driver of Saint-Pie is in sixth position of the Series standing, less than 35 points of the fifth position. For the ' Canadian Challenge', Team Bergeron is in fourth position and for the 'Gater Lap Leader Award', Bergeron occupies the second rank.

July 4, 2005 .... Can-Am and Utica-Rome Speedway...

Saturday night at Can-Am Speedway, after qualified 5th in his heat, Alain Bergeron was 9e on the starting grid. After 5 laps, he was sixth. But on lap 21, a big piece of clay hitted the hood and that one blocked all the vision of Bergeron. He stopped on the track and was hitted by another car. The result was that the throttle mecanism was damaged and a flat tire. He finished 15th on the checkered.

Sunday night, ESS drivers were at Utica-Rome Speedway. Starting 5th in his heat, Bergeron had to come back because another Sprint hitted the 8B and found himself in 8th position. So, he finished 5th to qualified for the A-Main.

In the A-Main event, Alain Bergeron was 8th on the starting grid and finished 9th at the checkered. It is a good result if we take note that Utica-Rome is not the best track of Team Bergeron, having all kind of problems in the last years.

June 30, 2005 .... Two races this Weekend for Alain Bergeron ...

Saturday night, Alain Bergeron will be at Can-Am, Lafargeville NY and Sunday night, all the ‘Empire Super Sprints’ drivers will be at Utica-Rome Speedway at Vernon NY. Can-Am is that track where Alain Bergeron had won one of his six wins in career in Sprint Car.

Alain Bergeron is now in fifth row in the Championship points standing of the 'Empire Super Sprints'. Fifth also in the 'Walt's Hobby Dash series', Fourth in the 'Canadian Challenge' and First in the 'Gater Racing News Lap Leader' points series.

June 28, 2005 .... New Partner for Team Bergeron ...

Team Bergeron is proud to annonce his partnership with 'Les Industries Bigg Juice inc.', owner and distributor of the product Reload, the only Energy drink made in Quebec.

For more informations, si the Press Release.

June 26, 2005 .... Third at Merrittville ...

After finished second Friday night at Ohsweken, Alain Bergeron continued his good work finishing third in the A-Main at Merrittville Speedway, last night. The A-Main was win by Lance Yonge. Bergeron was seventh on the starting grid and made his way to the front and completed the race in the tale of the leaders.

The night had started with a second place finish in his heat and a second place also in DASH race.

This third place is even more valuable since the members of the team had transferred, on place at Ohsweken, the day before and the saturday morning, the engine, the rear end, front wheel-axle,... into the new frame. They simply built a new Sprint Car. A whole exploit!

It's a great weekend for Alain Bergeron that can be proud of his second and third place following the bad luck he got last weekend. Bergeron never give up, he's proud and wants to thank his team for all the work done this week, the results are there. That's a really nice gift for all the team.

Those two great performances had allow Alain Bergeron to gain a spot in the series as he's now in fifth row in the Championship points standing of the 'Empire Super Sprints'. Fifth also in the 'Walt's Hobby Dash series', Fourth in the 'Canadian Challenge' and First in the 'Gater Racing News Lap Leader' points series.

June 25, 2005 .... Almost for the win at Ohsweken Team Bergeron ...

Last night (Friday) at Ohsweken Speedway, Alain Bergeron saw Dan Kaszubinski doing a last lap pass and the driver of the Sprint 8B finished second, after he had lead all the race until that final lap. 'I was a bit disapointed because i wanted to win for the team that worked so hard this week to rebuild the backup car', mentionned Bergeron.

The night had start fine with a win in his heat and a second place finish in the DASH race.

That second place is a pretty good result as Alain Bergerno was using the backup car and after the horrible week he had following his bif crash at Drummond last week.

Next race, tonight (saturday) at Merrittville Ontario.

June 24, 2005 .... New partner for Team Bergeron ...

Alain Bergeron, owner-driver of Sprint Car number 8b, is proud to annonce the partnership between Team Bergeron and Fast Wings of Mountain Lake, MN. Alain Bergeron is racing the full season of the Empire Super Sprints championship and got the win at the second race of the season. It was his sixth win in career with the ESS in his sixth season in 360 Sprint Car.

Despite a heavy crash, last weekend at Autodrome Drummond, Alain Bergeron is sixth in points in the general standing of the series and the season continue as usual.

"Fast Wings, the industry leader in sprint car racing wings, fills all of your fast track wing needs with top-notch products and support. The extensive catalogue, experience, and craftsmanship is proven across the nation week-to-week in victory lane. Visit www.getfastwings.com often and read up on the updated 2005 product line, drivers, and distributors. Fast Wings, the leader in sprint car wings, victory lane approved!"

June 22, 2005 .... and the season continue...

Despite the last weekend that was long and hard, Alain Bergeron and his team take again the road tomorrow since, Friday on June 24, the drivers of ESS series will be back on the track to Ohsweken Speedway in Ontario in the Niagara Falls area. The following day, Saturday June 25, all will go at Merrittville Speedway.

With the regular frame that is a total loss because of the big crash of last week at Drummond, Team Bergeron will use the backup car. Despite all the bad lucks of the last weekend, Alain Bergeron is always in the race in the series championship, being in 6th place.

June 20 2005 .... Heavy weekend...

After rained out at Granby Friday, than came a big flip at Drummond with a car destroyed and a long night at Cornwall. More details to come...

June 17 2005 .... Granby race rained out...

The race that was planned to be held tonight (Friday) at Granby is rained out. Next race for Empire Super Sprints and Alain Bergeron in Québec is tomorrow night (Saturday) at Autodrome Drummond.

June 14, 2005 .... Important weekend of racing for Alain Bergeron...

Alain Bergeron and the drivers of the 'Empire Super Sprints' series will be, this weekend, at their first visit in Quebec in 2005. Friday evening, all will head to Autodrome Granby. Let us recall that it is at this place that the 2004 season of Alain Bergeron had ended last year with the accident that let him with a broken hand and a car destroyed.

The following day, Saturday, Bergeron and the spectaculars Sprint Cars will move towards the Autodrome Drummond and Sunday everyone will be at Cornwall. Alain Bergeron always had success at Drummondville, having won two of his six wins at this Quebec track. It's at the Cornwall Motor Speedway that the Saint-Pie's driver got his first career win in Sprint Car at his very first season in Sprint Car.

Alain Bergeron in the sixth place in the series standing and with three races in three days this weekend, each one of those will be determining for the series.

June 11, 2005 .... Rain out at Little Valley...

For the fourth time in the last seven visits at Little Valley NY, the rain and the thunderstorms caused the race, that was to be held yesterday (Friday), June 10, to be rainout and cancelled.

Alain Bergeron paid himself the ten hours drive each way. The next weekend will be important with the visit of the ' Empire Super Sprints' and Alain Bergeron in Quebec with the race Friday at Autodrome Granby, Saturday at Autodrome Drummond and Sunday at Cornwall Motor Speedway.

The series standing is very tight and Alain Bergeron is in sixth place, just one point of the fifth position.

June 4, 2005 .... Weekend off before the next race...

Following the last very loaded weekend that Alain Bergeron and his team had, there were no races this weekend for the 'Empire Super Sprints' drivers.

After being second in the series standing last Saturday, Alain Bergeron is now in the sixth spot. It show how the competition is close in this series. There is practically no room for mistake, since the beginning of the season, there are more than 33 drivers on average trying to qualify for the A-Main. At the first race of the season, more than 41 drivers were present to have a place among the 24 available for the A-Main. Just to qualify itself for the A-Main, is not a easy thing.

The next race will be next Friday At Little Valley NY followed, thereafter, of the long awaited weekend in Quebec, with the race on Friday June 17 at Granby, the following day at Drummondville and Sunday June 19 at Cornwall Ont.

At the last six Alain Bergeron's visits at Little Valley, three times, the program was rain out. Its best result at that track is a second place in 2002.

Let us recall that the driver of Saint-Pie is now on the sixth place in the ESS championship points, one point behind fifth position and at 58 points of the second place with still a lot of races to go.

May 30, 2005 .... Weekend loaded with up and downs...

It was a full weekend of racing for Alain Bergeron and for his team. Three races in three nights. Before this weekend, the driver of Saint-Pie, QC was in seventh place in the general standing of the 'Empire Super Sprints' after his win at Malta NY.

First of all, on Friday May 27th, drivers of the series met in Ontario, at Brockville. Sixth on the starting grid in his heat, Alain Bergeron finished third that give him a place in the A-Main. With the handicapping system of the series, Bergeron thus took the start from the eleventh place. The track of Brockville always allows good speeds with little place, so we must expecting some hard time. Already after two laps, there was a yellow flag and a red flag, caused by a heavy crash.

Alain Bergeron was already in sixth position, but not without any problem because during the last accident, a contact with another competitor broke the right rear shock. Bergeron decided to stay on the track to keep his position and to continue without any right rear shock. With a lot of dexterity, the driver of the Sprint 8B ended the race in the fifth position. Bergeron was so fast on the track all night long that all the hopes would have been allowed, but the fifth place in circumstances was very good.

The following evening, it was at the fast track of Can-Am, Lafargeville NY that the action took place. Seventh on the starting grid in his heat, Alain Bergeron ended in the third place, good for a place in A-Main. Twelfth on the starting grid in the A-Main, he was seventh after lap four to finally end sixth on a little sticky track. After this race, Alain Bergeron was second on the standing of the series.

Finally, on Sunday, May 29th, it is at the track of Utica-Rome Speedway, Vernon NY that this long weekend came to an end. Already that in the past, Alain Bergeron had not known enormous successes at this track, he has to do better. But it will not be for this time, because engine troubles coupled with the setup caused a lot of headache to the team. Starting fifth party in heat, Bergeron ended at that position for a place in A-Main. That was giving him the eighteenth place on the grid.

After 25 laps of battling with his car, the driver from Quebec, passed the checkered in the twentieth place. The next race is in two weeks.

May 23, 2005 .... Next Weekend...

After winning last week at Albany-Saratoga Speedway NY, Alain Bergeron and the drivers of the ‘Empire Super Sprints’ series are back on track at this weekend with three races in three days. The first one of three races will take place on Friday May 27th, at Brockville Ontario. Last year, Alain Bergeron finished in the fifth place and won the DASH race. The following evening, the drivers will cross the border to compete at Can-Am Speedway at Lafargeville NY. In 2004, Alain Bergeron finished in sixteenth place and once again won the DASH race. Take note that it is at Can-Am that the driver of Saint Pie took his second victory in career in Sprint Car.

Finally, on Sunday May 29th, this marathon of three races will ends with the presentation of the race at the track of Utica-Rome Speedway to Vernon NY. Alain Bergeron had ended in the fourteenth place in 2004 at this track. Alain Bergeron is now in the seventh place of the general standing of the series.

May 21, 2005 .... Photos...

Alain Bergeron - Win A-Main
Photo by; Images By DC / GT Smith.

Some photos from Albany-Saratoga Speedway. Section Multimedia.

May 14, 2005 .... WIN ! ...

After last week badluck at Weedsport, Alain Bergeron came back Friday may 13th at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Malta NY by winning the A-Main. Bergeron took the lead on lap 11 and drive it to the checkered flag for the ESS race. The night had started very well for Team Bergeron by winning his heat . In the A-Main, Quebec native was third on the starting grid and started challenging the leader Billy White to take the lead on lap 11. More than 35 Sprints were presents trying to qualify for the 24 spots in the A-Main. Next weekend is off for Team Bergeron.

May 12, 2005 .... Next race... Albany-Saratoga Speedway ...

The next race for Team Bergeron is Friday, may 13th at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Malta NY.

May 8, 2005 .... Dust and Badluck ...

After a good start at Fonda NY with the fifth place, Alain Bergeron belonged to Weedsport for the first race of the 'Empire Super Sprints '. Well, the evening looked difficult because, for this first race of the season, the starting positions for